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SQL Scripts Manager is a free tool that brings together must–have scripts... Details

Scripts, written for POL in use on the Sanctuary UO shard and others. These scripts are... Details

Deliver ArcEmu scripts to bring it tolife. Details

The project includes several Bourne Shell utility scripts. Detailed manual pages... Details

Free WAP, WML, xHTML php scripts archive!!! Chat, forum, grabber, spammer, guestbook,... Details


C Scripts in Software Title

1. SQL Scripts Manager 1.1 SQL Scripts Manager is a free ... together must–have scripts from expert DBAs, SQL ... enable you to automate common troubleshooting, diagnostic, and maintenance tasks. Over 25 scripts have been provided by ... and Tracy Hamlin. SQL... DetailsDownload 

2. Sanctuary Scripts (POL) 1.0 Scripts, written for POL in ... shard and others. These scripts are based off the World of Dreams scripts written by Dundee and Drocket. We intend to continue their tradition of making the scripts available to the public ... DetailsDownload 

3. Visual Scripts 1.0 Deliver ArcEmu scripts to bring it tolife. (Zone Scripts, Npc Scripts, Quest Scripts,Spell Scripts, GO Scripts etc) DetailsDownload 

4. 101 Bourne Shell Utility Scripts 1.0 ... several Bourne Shell utility scripts. Detailed manual pages accompany each of the scripts. The goal of the ... at least 101 useful scripts. DetailsDownload 

5. FREE WAP PHP SCRIPTS CENTER 1.0 ... WAP, WML, xHTML php scripts archive!!! Chat, forum, grabber, spammer, guestbook ... wap portal, sms, downloads centre top sites scripts!!! Free Mysql wap php scripts! DetailsDownload 

C Scripts in Software Keywords

1. NetTrekk 1 Scripts Directory at NetTrekk.com is a collection of web resources aimed ... programmers and developers. NetTrekk.com maintains a huge list of ready to use scripts and development tools to assist programmers to create dynamic content for their... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: asp , Asp Scripts , asp net , Asp net Scripts , C Scripts , C , Coldfusion , Coldfusion Scripts , java applets

2. VBScriptMania 1.0 ... includes over 2000 predefined scripts many of them founded ... description, supported platforms, a categorization scheme and much, much ... English and all the scripts from database are available ... including titles, descriptions, and... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: find all scripts , vbscript mania , all scripts , very easy , scripts many , saved scripts , save all , find all , scripts , could , all

3. Easyscript for Oracle 1.3.6 ... to help you manage scripts efficiently and use scripts easily. The goal of ... manage and use your scripts. With hundreds of ready-made scripts, easyscript is also a ... your favorite and important scripts! Manageability 1. Scripts are well... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: Oracle scripts monitor tuning

4. concatSQL Concatenate and Execute SQL Scripts with Placeholders. Reverse Engineer Database to SQL Scripts. User definable Placeholders. Hierarchical concatenation of multiple file manifests for SQL Patch maintenance. Connect to MS SQL Server ... Manage... DetailsDownload 

Tags: Execute Sql Scripts , Concatenate Text Files , Concat Sql , reverse engineer database , rapid Application Development , Rad , Agile Software Development , Kiss Principle

5. Script Arsenal 2.0 ... tasks: via actions or scripts. A script may be much more flexible and can do a job that the most powerful action can't. In the meantime, you ... the larger your script collection grows, the more difficult becomes the choice of a specific tool... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: photoshop , scripts , scripting

C Scripts in Software Short Description

1. DTM Styleguide Support Scripts 1.0 C# scripts for dtmINSPECTOR which support ... out the DTM styleguide checklist. DetailsDownload 

2. ApexSQL Build 2015.01 ... SQL Server databases and creates deployment SQL scripts, C# projects or executable deployment packages. It creates deployment scripts, C# projects, and executable deployment packages from SQL scripts, script folders, snapshots or directly... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: Builds Sql Server Databases , Create Sql Databases , sql build , sql server , database build , deploy sql database , Database Tools , update sql database , database software , deploy sql objects

3. autotools-idl b.1.2.4 ... automake and some autoconf scripts that adds support for IDL and C++ ORBs. It provides full support for compiling IDL files to C++ stubs and skeletons. The autoconf scripts provide unified detection of different C++ ORBs. DetailsDownload 

4. RPSL software build tools 05 ... a set of bash scripts that integrate the GNU autotools and pkg-config for c/c++ build management. The scripts set up a basic tree and when commanded, scan for new source ... makefile.am's and configure.ac. DetailsDownload 

5. ApexSQL Script 2014.03 ... database migration tool which scripts database object and data ... or multiple deployment SQL scripts, C# projects, and executable deployment packages. It can export live databases directly to source control and can automate and schedule the... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: sql script , Database Tools , sql package , sql deployment , database deployment , sql server , sql Database Scripting , Sql Tools , Sql Tool , database software , sql scripting , database scripts , inserts , structure , ddl

C Scripts in Software Long Description

1. DTM Styleguide Support Scripts 1.0 C# scripts for dtmINSPECTOR which support ... out the DTM styleguide checklist. DetailsDownload 

2. World of Ascent 1.0 ... ihr immer die aktuellsten Scripts fr Ascent! Datenbankerweiterungen, C++ Scripts, etc! DetailsDownload 

3. ChunkyGTD 20080330 ... based application written in C# to help you manage ... to be extensible by C# scripts. DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

4. NoConsole 0.2 ... of GUI interface for command-line based tools. Powered by C# scripts. DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

5. JBlitz Professional 5.0 ... software by simulating multiple concurrent virtual users whilst validating ... full Java API for customizing HTTP queries, verifying downloads ... your server side software components such as ASPs, JSPs ... Perl / PHP / C / C++ scripts etc.... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: web , testing , software , load , java , http , fully , c , all

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